One of my goals is to encourage local venues to give Blues performers the opportunity to play. I tell them the Blues fans will come out and give them examples such as AJ’s, The Temperance House, The Stockton Inn Blues Festival, the Blues Cruises, The Evolution of the Blues shows, The Bucks County Blues Society events, etc.


   But, invariably they ask-”If so and so performs, what kind of turnout can I expect”?  I tell them that I can’t predict how many people will show up, but if they advertise and have patience, they’ll be happy with the attendance.


   If a venue is happy with the turnout, they’re likely to continue having Blues performers. And once other venues hear of their success, they’ll hopefully allow Blues performers to play at their place as well. That’ll be good for the venues, the performers and the fans. And don’t forget how encouraging that will be for future Blues performers and fans.


   But for any of this to happen, the Blues fans have to come out. So I encourage you to not only go out and see your favorite bands but to check out other performers as well. I know it’s tough to go out during the week and you might be tired on a weekend, but if you want the Blues to survive, you have to make the effort. You know it’ll be worth it. The Blues performers in the area are every bit as good as anybody you’ll hear on the radio or a CD. There’s nothing like seeing a live performance, especially when it’s free or for a small cover charge.


   Remember that for the Blues to survive, it starts and ends with the fans. No fans, no venues. No venues, no performers. So keep an eye on this website for performances and go out to “Keep the Blues Alive and Well”.